Picking colors is the one of the hardest thing for our clients to do.  Making the decision to paint is an easy one.  The exterior has to be painted to protect it from dry rot, damage to the siding, deck & porch surfaces.  Without a seal coat of paint the damage would occur sooner.

The house colors fade over time due to exposure to UV rays It tend to chalk and lose its original tint.   After the paint has lost it’s original tint which is the barrier of protection between the sun and the house surface, the siding is next to start failing.  This can take 8-10 years depending on conditions and the quality of the last painting application.   It is like your own skin, putting sunscreen on regularily will protect your skin from aging or getting cancer.

The interior doesn’t have to be painted, but sun exposed walls will tend to fade as well.  Wear and tear plus dust can make your interior ceilings and walls appear dull.  If your woodwork has been painted with an oil based product prior it will tend to yellow over the years looking dingy and dull.  Ceilings collect dust and dirt as well so appear to look dirty.

Painting the interior walls and ceilings can put that fresh and clean look back into the house.

Now back to picking colors Exterior colors should have curb appeal.  Curb appeal is when someone is walking by your house, they get a feeling there is someone they like about your house.  Curb appeal is subliminal and should provide a “Wow” factor to the viewer.   No color is wrong, but for outside painting surfaces it is wise to keep it simple for the Body color,  inspiring for the trim color and the front door color should be more dramatic.  That is the magic combo for curb appeal.  If you like pink or blue please reserve those colors for the interior painting projects.

If you plan to do it yourself then remember to do your homework and look around many neighborhoods with houses that are the same style and era as yours & see the combinations.  Find a couple you like.  Please don’t paint your house the same color as you neighbors.  Be unique and maintain your own curb appeal.    Remember a good quality paint job should last 8-10 years and that is why it is very important to pick colors you like and can live with for awhile.

Picking colors to be continued in my next blog….. stay tuned.

“Hiring the Right Painting Contractor!”

It always amazes me that a consumer goes through all the trouble to decide to finally paint their interior or exterior of their house or business and then take short cuts.  They spend some time to put a budget together deciding on how much they want to spend.  They resource contractors and find three professional painting contractors and set up  appointments with each of them.  They get the three quotes, then finally have to decide on one of the three.    This can take a couple of weeks or more and then they decide to cut corners when finally hiring the painting contractor.

The decision is generally made on three things, the cheapest price, customer service with perceived value reflected in the price or customer service with perceived value reflected in the price along with a perception of quality performance.  Each bid represents what a client will receive and not necessarily complete satisfaction as an end result.  

If the cheapest price is what you want, then you don’t have to waste much time when looking for a painting contractor.  You can find them in the Classified ads in the newspaper, a sign posted on a tree or on Manta a free directory, since they won’t have a website to review.   They may or may not be licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your property.  Remember to be cheap they have to cut corners somewhere.  Customer service and a quality job is usually one thing these contractors usually cut out or they don’t run a legitimate business.   Remember what you get when it comes too cheap?  Prepare to get exactly what you didn’t pay for, a professional painting company.   This is neither bad or good.  It is ultimately your choice, beware with this choice.

Hiring a painting contractor isn’t easy, but doing your homework, doing research through the internet, checking out their website and asking lots of questions at the time of the appointment, checking to see if they know what they are talking about.  Find out how they give back to the community and what associations they belong to.  These painting contractors aren’t usually expensive, but you will never find them cheap.  They pride themselves with their work and they love their customers.  They guarantee their work and you will be satisfied with the end result.    Hire the right painting contractor not just the one with the cheapest price. 

By Darylene Dennon, Solid Energy, Inc., a Professional Painting Contractor.  

What Office Colors Say!!

What Color Says by Darylene Dennon   

Your mood and well-being is affected by your environment, and when you’re spending most of the day in your office, the colors you’re surrounded by on a daily basis may be affecting how you feel.

If you’re working on projects that require intense concentration and focus, you’ll need to be surrounded by non-stimulating, relaxing colors. If you need to be upbeat and energetic all day, you will be better off with strong, bold colors that raise your blood pressure and keep you feeling alert.

Here are just eight colors that work well for most office environments; these colors can enhance productivity and help create a semi-relaxing and comfortable ambiance:

1. Moss Green. Light green with a yellow or blue base is a refreshing but restful color that can add some warmth to your office and provide comfort if you’re working alone. It’s a soothing color that won’t make you sleepy; choose a medium green color or sage to stay in productive mode all day long.

2. Light Orange. Orange is an energizing color that evokes excitement, creativity and happiness. You’ll need to stick with a light orange palette to achieve the most benefits of this color, and it can be especially valuable for those who need to stay peppy and energetic throughout the day.

3. Beige or Off White. Beige or cream colored walls are a great neutral color for the office, and are easy to complement with furnishings and dcor. They’re simple and calm, and are great for office spaces of all sizes.

4. Gray. Gray may sound like a boring choice for your office space, but it’s a neutral color that can be enhanced with browns, black and white very easily. It’s one of the easiest colors to work with if you have a lot of colorful desk accessories, picture frames and other accents. And, it’s a soothing and calm color that won’t trigger any strong emotions.

5. Pale Blue. Pale blue has a very calming and soothing effect on the senses, and can help you stay focused and productive for long periods of time. Look for light blues such as eggshell or sky blue for your office walls, and accentuate it with navy, cream colored or dark blue dcor.

6. Light Brown. A light cocoa or chocolaty brown color can stir your senses and create an earthy, nature-inspired ambiance. This color also creates a feeling of being ‘grounded’, strong and resilient.

7. Magenta. If you’re working in the creative field, magenta can spark your creativity and keep you motivated. Magenta contains shades of purple, red and pink, and is a rich and powerful color that can enhance concentration and help you focus on creative projects for longer periods of time.

8. Olive. If you’re the studious type and need to concentrate for hours at a time, olive is a great color to support your energy level. This slightly dark and rich color is also a natural, earthy tone that can be complemented easily with black, brown and cocoa-colored decor.

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