What Office Colors Say!!

What Color Says by Darylene Dennon   

Your mood and well-being is affected by your environment, and when you’re spending most of the day in your office, the colors you’re surrounded by on a daily basis may be affecting how you feel.

If you’re working on projects that require intense concentration and focus, you’ll need to be surrounded by non-stimulating, relaxing colors. If you need to be upbeat and energetic all day, you will be better off with strong, bold colors that raise your blood pressure and keep you feeling alert.

Here are just eight colors that work well for most office environments; these colors can enhance productivity and help create a semi-relaxing and comfortable ambiance:

1. Moss Green. Light green with a yellow or blue base is a refreshing but restful color that can add some warmth to your office and provide comfort if you’re working alone. It’s a soothing color that won’t make you sleepy; choose a medium green color or sage to stay in productive mode all day long.

2. Light Orange. Orange is an energizing color that evokes excitement, creativity and happiness. You’ll need to stick with a light orange palette to achieve the most benefits of this color, and it can be especially valuable for those who need to stay peppy and energetic throughout the day.

3. Beige or Off White. Beige or cream colored walls are a great neutral color for the office, and are easy to complement with furnishings and dcor. They’re simple and calm, and are great for office spaces of all sizes.

4. Gray. Gray may sound like a boring choice for your office space, but it’s a neutral color that can be enhanced with browns, black and white very easily. It’s one of the easiest colors to work with if you have a lot of colorful desk accessories, picture frames and other accents. And, it’s a soothing and calm color that won’t trigger any strong emotions.

5. Pale Blue. Pale blue has a very calming and soothing effect on the senses, and can help you stay focused and productive for long periods of time. Look for light blues such as eggshell or sky blue for your office walls, and accentuate it with navy, cream colored or dark blue dcor.

6. Light Brown. A light cocoa or chocolaty brown color can stir your senses and create an earthy, nature-inspired ambiance. This color also creates a feeling of being ‘grounded’, strong and resilient.

7. Magenta. If you’re working in the creative field, magenta can spark your creativity and keep you motivated. Magenta contains shades of purple, red and pink, and is a rich and powerful color that can enhance concentration and help you focus on creative projects for longer periods of time.

8. Olive. If you’re the studious type and need to concentrate for hours at a time, olive is a great color to support your energy level. This slightly dark and rich color is also a natural, earthy tone that can be complemented easily with black, brown and cocoa-colored decor.

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“Networking Connection”


 Professional Women in Building, “Building Women” Summer 2011 Issue

The Networking Connection
By Darylene Dennon

Whether you are engaging face-to-face or networking online, you need a plan that connects all your networking practices. Don’t waste your precious time; create an efficient strategy that works for you.

The in-person approach

For example, let’s say I meet someone at a business networking event. (I always plan to meet at least three new contacts at an event.) I do a great job selling myself and my company. I also gather information about the other person and collect her business card.

With me so far? Now, back at the office, I enter the business card into my contacts database, and I invite my new contact to my social media networks. I also send her a “nice to meet you” email and ask her to attend another business event I plan to attend. Then I forward the invite, email a reminder later and call to confirm she plans to attend.

I think you have the idea. Create a basic plan before you go to an event and connect online via social media or your website/blog afterward. No matter where you make the contact, always follow up and continue the connection.

 Make your in-person appearance count

Women are great a working the room because they generally are more community-oriented and enjoy linking their thoughts, ideas and hearts with others. But women have been trained not to “toot their own horn” and are sometimes better at promoting others than themselves. Like it or not, you have to want to stand out above the rest and be remembered if you want to move up the corporate ladder or grow your business.

Men tend to be more driven by what is in it for them personally. It isn’t that men think less about community and family; they simply interact differently with the world. So understand the differences and make sure to promote yourself — in your own way.

The online approach
As another example, let’s say I find someone within my social media network online and want to make contact with him. I do some research to find out if he has a website and check out his contact page. I look for any indication that he encourages folks to get in touch. He has a LinkedIn icon on his website, so I decide to introduce myself on his profile page on LinkedIn by sending him a message.
I make sure my message is short, and I briefly explain why I want to connect. I keep it down to 50 words or less, and then I add, “If this is not of interest, feel no need to get back to me.” That’s all that’s needed, and I don’t expect an instant response, if any.
If he does respond with a positive comment, then we chat and I ask him if I can add him to my network. I focus on the relationship and keep the doors open for future communication.
I have made some great contacts this way and have later met them face to face by inviting them to events that I am attending.

Make social media work for you

If you aren’t networking online, you are missing out in more ways than you can imagine. Not only are your current customers interacting online, so are your competitors and potential clients and business connections. Social media is a great way to keep in touch, on target and aware of others who are in the same market.

One of the best things about online networking is being able to research what other people are doing. Keeping up with trends and being able to ask questions of experts from all around the world are great benefits of interacting in cyberspace.

To sum it up, my advice is to feel comfortable talking about yourself and your business and keep up with the connections you have made both in person and online. Happy networking!

Darylene Dennon is an owner of Solid Energy Inc., a residential painting company based in Woodinville, WA She also is a National Association of Home Builders,  Professional Women in Building,  Area 15 Trustee.

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