Women Love Customer Service

“We Love Our Customer’s” should be every business owner’s slogan.   Remember without customers no one can stay in business, so why do so many companies treat their customers, as if they had a million more where that came from?  Customer service is a continual loop and should never stop.

I hired a roofing company where the salesman was all smiles while we were in the bidding process, but as soon as I signed the contract and gave him a deposit, the customer service stopped.  He never called me again, even though he promised to call me back to advise when they would start my project.  He only reacted when I threatened to cancel my contract and get my money back.  Remember, Women get more annoyed than men with aspects of bad customer service.

I share this story only to get the point across that for women, Customer Service is the most important reason women buy from you, call you back and refer you to all their friends or co-workers.   This roofing company did a great roofing job after three weeks of prodding, but do you think I will refer them? Probably not!!!   Remember to “Walk the talk” service starts with the first few seconds of the first contact.  When it comes to certain aspects of customer service women get frustrated at higher percentages than men, whether it’s over the phone or in person.

For a lasting good impression.  Remember to greet your customers warmly.  Start phone contacts with:  “ABC Painting  Company, How may I help you?” and end with “Thank you for calling ?” .  Tell them your name so the interaction remains friendly.   Remember we all take our business where we feel welcomed and appreciated

Smile every time you greet customers even when you answer the phone.  Sounding positive and upbeat over the phone is the same as a smile in person.  Do not leave any female client on hold longer than one minute without reconnecting.   If you have to call them back, then do so right away.  Give the female client or a prospective client a 100% of your attention.  Do paperwork and your e-mails on your time rather than hers.

Develop a habit of looking each customer in the eye during any face-to-face conversations.  Maintaining eye contact helps you focus on what the customer is saying especially when talking to a woman.  It shows them you’re interested in what they have to say.  Practice this with a friend if you are not comfortable with eye contact because it is so important in making a sale with most women.

When meeting in person, if a woman introduces herself using her first name, then remember it and use it during the sales process.  Make sure you pronounce it correctly and don’t be afraid to ask again if you don’t remember it.  Women don’t mind being asked, but they do mind when you pronounce it wrong.    The name Sally can be spelled a couple of ways.  Make a notation in your files if their name is a tough one.   Make sure your crew leader knows how to pronounce it also.  Remember – “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” -Dale Carnegie

Talk less listen more.  Remember their needs are your most important concern and if you aren’t a good listener you may not hear what they want.  Men tend to think women ramble on, but the message is there, if you are really listening for it.   Pay attention to body language and watch for specific tones and stance.  Watch out for things that disturb you about a client and adjust your attitude accordingly.

Don’t be a robot.  Personalize your delivery by putting in a little of yourself into it.  Always read back important details and/or information to make sure you wrote it down correctly.  If you make a mistake admit it, fix it, and move on.  Woman clients don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be honest, so make it right for them.  Keep your promises because if you fail to deliver they will remember.  Never tell a client what you can’t do unless you follow it up with what you can do for them.  Stay away from making excuses or over explaining.   If you don’t know the answer, say so.  Eliminate the negatives and remember, woman clients don’t like last minute surprises so tell them immediately, if there are delays.  You usually can’t communicate enough with women.   Men tend to assume way too much and this will irritate and frustrate a woman client.  Keep her informed on a regular basis.

Give every customer your very best service, be on time, on task and remember they may not always be right, but they are paying for the right to be treated fairly.  Finally, always thank the customer for their business.  Tell them how much you appreciate that they chose your company and that you stand behind your work.  Make sure you invite them back, “Please give us a call again.”  You will be amazed on how many will say, “I will” and then do.

If a women client is upset or angry, don’t talk or interrupt, don’t be defensive and always allow her the time to vent.   Make sure you quickly apologize for the misunderstanding and ask what she would like done to correct the problem.  Women want to be involved in the solution, so let them help.

Please don’t overwhelm women with jargon and always assume she does understand until she tells you otherwise.  Remember 90% of all home improvement decisions are made by women so by following these basic customer service guidelines you can turn all your female clients into raving fans.

Treat customers as if you were the customer!!”   Joel Marks

By Darylene Dennon, Solid Energy, Inc,    —–    Printed in the Spring 2012 Issue of American Painting Contractor Magazine for Professional Women in Painting Forum of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)


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