Archives for June 12, 2012


Picking colors is the one of the hardest thing for our clients to do.  Making the decision to paint is an easy one.  The exterior has to be painted to protect it from dry rot, damage to the siding, deck & porch surfaces.  Without a seal coat of paint the damage would occur sooner.

The house colors fade over time due to exposure to UV rays It tend to chalk and lose its original tint.   After the paint has lost it’s original tint which is the barrier of protection between the sun and the house surface, the siding is next to start failing.  This can take 8-10 years depending on conditions and the quality of the last painting application.   It is like your own skin, putting sunscreen on regularily will protect your skin from aging or getting cancer.

The interior doesn’t have to be painted, but sun exposed walls will tend to fade as well.  Wear and tear plus dust can make your interior ceilings and walls appear dull.  If your woodwork has been painted with an oil based product prior it will tend to yellow over the years looking dingy and dull.  Ceilings collect dust and dirt as well so appear to look dirty.

Painting the interior walls and ceilings can put that fresh and clean look back into the house.

Now back to picking colors Exterior colors should have curb appeal.  Curb appeal is when someone is walking by your house, they get a feeling there is someone they like about your house.  Curb appeal is subliminal and should provide a “Wow” factor to the viewer.   No color is wrong, but for outside painting surfaces it is wise to keep it simple for the Body color,  inspiring for the trim color and the front door color should be more dramatic.  That is the magic combo for curb appeal.  If you like pink or blue please reserve those colors for the interior painting projects.

If you plan to do it yourself then remember to do your homework and look around many neighborhoods with houses that are the same style and era as yours & see the combinations.  Find a couple you like.  Please don’t paint your house the same color as you neighbors.  Be unique and maintain your own curb appeal.    Remember a good quality paint job should last 8-10 years and that is why it is very important to pick colors you like and can live with for awhile.

Picking colors to be continued in my next blog….. stay tuned.