Archives for April 24, 2012

“Hiring the Right Painting Contractor!”

It always amazes me that a consumer goes through all the trouble to decide to finally paint their interior or exterior of their house or business and then take short cuts.  They spend some time to put a budget together deciding on how much they want to spend.  They resource contractors and find three professional painting contractors and set up  appointments with each of them.  They get the three quotes, then finally have to decide on one of the three.    This can take a couple of weeks or more and then they decide to cut corners when finally hiring the painting contractor.

The decision is generally made on three things, the cheapest price, customer service with perceived value reflected in the price or customer service with perceived value reflected in the price along with a perception of quality performance.  Each bid represents what a client will receive and not necessarily complete satisfaction as an end result.  

If the cheapest price is what you want, then you don’t have to waste much time when looking for a painting contractor.  You can find them in the Classified ads in the newspaper, a sign posted on a tree or on Manta a free directory, since they won’t have a website to review.   They may or may not be licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your property.  Remember to be cheap they have to cut corners somewhere.  Customer service and a quality job is usually one thing these contractors usually cut out or they don’t run a legitimate business.   Remember what you get when it comes too cheap?  Prepare to get exactly what you didn’t pay for, a professional painting company.   This is neither bad or good.  It is ultimately your choice, beware with this choice.

Hiring a painting contractor isn’t easy, but doing your homework, doing research through the internet, checking out their website and asking lots of questions at the time of the appointment, checking to see if they know what they are talking about.  Find out how they give back to the community and what associations they belong to.  These painting contractors aren’t usually expensive, but you will never find them cheap.  They pride themselves with their work and they love their customers.  They guarantee their work and you will be satisfied with the end result.    Hire the right painting contractor not just the one with the cheapest price. 

By Darylene Dennon, Solid Energy, Inc., a Professional Painting Contractor.